Teresa Getchell-Potter

My Client-First Philosophy

Growing up in the relatively small community of Santa Fe, Teresa learned early on the importance of the people who make up this unique and diverse area. She appreciates that many types of people with various backgrounds, interests and expectations are drawn to Santa Fe and that, as a community, those differences should be celebrated.

After attending college in New Mexico, Teresa moved Texas where she began her real estate career in commercial property management. After several years living in Houston, she returned home to marry her husband, a Santa Fe small business owner, and then raise their daughter.  Teresa is deeply committed to family and friends and enjoys spending her time nurturing those relationships. She and her family currently live just outside Santa Fe and they spend time walking the wide open spaces with their three dogs which have inspired Teresa’s passion for animal rescue.

Shortly after returning to Santa Fe in the late 90’s, Teresa’s interest in real estate shifted from management to sales after realizing she enjoyed meeting new people and working with individuals to reach common goals.  Highly insightful and perceptive with exceptional communication and management skills, Teresa offers almost 30 years of real estate experience and brings organization and management to the transaction process. 

Teresa and the team work to maintain consistant communication in every detail of your transaction from the first phone call until the day you close.  They are committed to making your purchase or sale go smoothly with as little stress as possible.